Pro-immigration campaigners protest against the proposed Illegal Migration Bill outside the Houses of Parliaments in London. | TOLGA AKMEN

I believe that one of the great British traits is fair play. It is hardly mentioned these days, lost in the post-Brexit rhetoric. British politicians are short on fair play. There is a fear that saying the right thing will get them the sort of publicity which could ruin their career. So it was an England footballer and BBC presenter who took the government to task over their immigration policy. Deporting immigrants to Africa is not only scandalous it goes against that great British trait, fair play.

Now, don´t get me wrong something needs to be done about illegal immigration and to stop the tide of small boats which arrive on British shores everyday...but sending them to Africa? Surely, there must be an easier way to deal with the problem? The British immigration system is a shambles and is not fit for purpose and then there is the rhetoric from some politicians who are clearly cashing in on what certain sections of the British public see us an invasion. These same politicians are quick to mention the Second World War and how Britain stood for freedom. What they don´t say is Britain welcomed millions of refugees from across Europe who were fleeing Hitler and his Gestapo. And what is more concerning is that the rhetoric from a few politicians has done plenty to smash the idea that Britain is a tolerant nation. I do believe that the majority of Britons are tolerant and believe in fair play but they are the silent majority.