Plenty of tourists visiting Palma's Cathedral. | CLICK

I am confused, sorry. For years the powers that be have banged on to me in interviews about the need for a tourism reset based on quality not quantity and it sounds very sensible. Mallorca, or rather the Balearics in general, can no longer cope with the saturation during the peak summer months. So, why are 43 million flight seats available to the Balearics this season? That is more than enough to fly the whole of Canada, which has a population of 39.6 million according to the latest data, to the islands this summer. In fact, add another million seats and we could fly over the whole of Kenya. So what’s the deal? Who is calling the shots? The Spanish airports authority no doubt, which is going to make a financial killing.

Last year the owner of four extremely successful restaurants in Santa Catalina told me that he had no interest at all in airport figures. He said that he was not expecting 23 million plus tourists to all flock to his restaurants; in his dreams. What he made clear was that he was more concerned about quality tourists with money to spend coming to Palma and his restaurants, and I imagine most other bar and restaurant owners would say the same.

So, based on the latest airport figures, we’re set for another summer of saturation, gridlock in the mountains and deep frustration amongst local residents as they battle to go about their daily lives. 43 million, that’s a massive figure.