Voting in Palma on Sunday.

28-04-2019Miquel A. Cañellas

Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez's PSOE party has won 123 seats in Congress, the general election having - as expected - failed to hand a majority to any party.

PSOE, who had 85 seats in Congress, have made a significant advance. However, they are well short of the 176 majority needed, while their most likely partners in a future government, Unidas Podemos, have suffered a drop to 35 seats plus seven from EN Comú Podem.

The Partido Popular, who had made something of a recovery at the last election in 2016, have experienced a collapse in support. They have 66 deputies in Congress. In 2016 they won 137.

The PP would seem to have suffered from an electorate switch to Ciudadanos and Vox. The Cs have 57 deputies, an increase from the 32 at the last election. Vox, a factor for the first time, have 24 seats. There will now be discussion as to the Vox impact, as some opinion polls had predicted they would win almost double this number.

Sánchez will have to enter into a negotiation phase in order to secure his investiture. If Unidas Podemos back this, but don't necessarily enter a formal coalition government, he would still be short of a majority. The smaller nationalist parties will then come into the equation.

* Figures above updated Monday, 07.30.