Once safe and quiet, the drugs cartels have created anxiety.


Directors of Majorcan hotels in the Mexican resorts of Cancún and Riviera Maya are requesting transfers to Miami because of increasing insecurity in Quintana Roo state over the past year. This has been because of a rise in Mexican drug cartel activity.

This used to be a safe and quiet state of Mexico, but various cartels have established a presence in recent years. They use hitmen to threaten hotels in Cancún and Riviera Maya into paying protection money and therefore leaving the hotels and their guests be.

Over the past six months, some directors have arranged for wives and children to return to the Balearics because of fears of kidnapping and ransom. There are some 100 executives as well as thousands of employees who are from the Balearics.

The situation is said to have worsened since the start of the year. There have been various incidents at establishments in Cancún and Playa del Carmen. Rival cartels have clashed over control of the drugs market. This has generated an atmosphere of insecurity on the streets and in clubs and bars.

The United States now categorise Quintana Roo as level two yellow risk for Americans. This has provoked a major decrease in bookings. One particular market to have been affected is the student spring breaker. Numbers have gone down from 100,000 to 20,000.

Police presence for beaches and in hotel complex areas has been increased. The state governor, Carlos Joaquín González, has come under pressure from hoteliers to reinforce security, as there are genuine concerns about the future of the resorts.