Pedro Sánchez celebrating on Sunday night despite the loss of three seats in Congress.

10-11-2019Sergio Perez

As had been forecast, the second general election in just over six months has failed to provide certainty for Spain's immediate political future.

With the count completed Pedro Sánchez and PSOE have lost three seats in Congress - down from 123 deputies to 120. A majority in Congress requires 176.

The right have made significant gains. The Partido Popular, who had slumped to 66 seats at the election in April, have moved up to 88, while Vox - further to the right - have leaped from 24 to 52.

Unidas Podemos, to the left of PSOE, have lost seven deputies - from 42 to 35. The big losers, though, are Ciudadanos. Ostensibly a liberal party, the Cs have been decimated. From 57 seats in April, they now have only ten, three fewer than the ERC - Esquerra Republicana Catalunya.

In the Balearics, for which there are eight seats in Congress, PSOE's share of the vote dropped one per cent to 25.4%. While still the winners in the Balearics, PSOE have lost one of the three deputies they had in April.

The PP have gained one seat and so now have two: their share of the vote climbed six points to 22.85%. Podemos, despite a slight fall in the share of the vote to 17.84%, hold on to their two deputies. Vox have gone up to 17.1% share from 11.5% and now have two deputies, whereas they had one in April.

The collapse of the Cs left them with 7.37% share, a fall of ten points. They have lost their one seat in Congress.


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The rise of the far right - it's happening all over Europe.