Ryanair planes at Madrid airport

Ryanair staff allegedly told the passenger to shut up when he tried to plead his case.

15-11-2019RYANAIR - Europa Press

A Ryanair passenger has accused staff in Madrid of abuse.

The man says he was forced to pay 25 euros for a suitcase that he claims met the regulations on his ticket and told him that if he didn’t pay the suitcase would stay in Madrid.

He also says that when he tried to explain the situation the employee told him to “shut up” or he would not be allowed to fly.

He paid the fee then tried to get the money back after he arrived in Palma but claims the Ryanair staff wrongly accused him of taking photographs and called security.


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Mark / Hace over 2 years

Everyone knows ryanair are a rip off run by idiots employing simple people without a brain so why waste your money on them


Fred. / Hace over 2 years

We are treated poorly by a poor low cost Airline. In life you get what you pay for. If you want quality and luxury then you have to pay more. Ryanair pay their Cabin Crew a pittance. It attracts a very poor employee. You will always be treated poorly/badly by Ryyanair. I suspect the flight cost from Madrid to Palma would be low. I have had to learn to tollerate bad Cabin Crew on Ryanair. .