Cruise ships docked in Palma.

Cruise ships docked in Palma. archive photo

03-05-2016Gabriel Alomar

At least 40 cruise ships have asked the Balearic Port Authority for permission to dock in Palma between March and June.

The ships were not planning on stopping in Majorca but have been forced to modify their schedules to avoid docking in Italian ports because of the coronavirus epidemic.

The Shipping companies say they took the decision to change the cruise schedules as a precaution against the Covid-19 virus, which has virtually paralysed Italy.

The Balearic Port Authority said on Tuesday that it is trying to find a way to fit the cruise ships into Palma on the required dates.

For the majority of them docking in Palma port will not be a problem, but finding space on days when a number of other ships are due to arrive might be a little more difficult.


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Stan / Hace about 1 year

Temperature checks on ALL Passengers diembarking from these Bug Boats , as well as from All Passengers arriving from any Aircraft.


Carl / Hace about 1 year

This is insane. What should be done is to STOP cruise ships from docking in Palma.


louise foster / Hace about 1 year

What about the current situation with the Coronavirus ? Why are we allowing these cruise ships to dock at Palma when Mallorca should be aware that many of these people could be carrying the virus as they walk through the old town Palma whist possibly spreading the illness. I just do not understand the plan of the government.... it seems to be more about money than protecting the island from this very dangerous and infectious illness.


Livewarp / Hace about 1 year

Do you think it is wisw to keep receiving Cruise ships at all? Greed at it’s worst!


Lisa / Hace about 1 year

I don’t usually comment, but this is insanity. If there is one certain way to bring the corona virus to the island, it’s via cruise ships. They are giant floating incubators. They’ll disgorge thousands of people into Palma. By the law of averages, some will be infected, or carriers. The authorities have done such a great job slowing the progress of this hideous virus on the island. Surely someone must realise the damage this policy will have??? It is a time to support our community. This action would be reckless in the extreme. Certainly provide food, or supplies for the ships. But Palma should be protected from this move at all costs.