Pedro Sánchez, who may be seeking an extension to the state of alarm.

31-03-2020Borja Puig de la Bellacasa

Spain's health minister, Salvador Illa, said on Friday that Prime Minister Sánchez will announce on Saturday if he intends asking Congress for a further extension to the state of alarm.

Sánchez will make an announcement after discussions with the leaders of opposition parties tomorrow. Prior to these discussions there will be meetings of the scientific committee and the technical committee for management of the coronavirus crisis.

If he does seek an extension, it is expected to be for a further two weeks until 26 April. Currently, the state of alarm runs until Easter Sunday, the twelfth. Congress, which does have to give its approval if an extension is sought, may well also be asked to consider modifications to existing measures.

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Rico Sheah / Hace about 1 year

Clearly the State of Alarm must go on for another month, Maybe some slight adjustments to allow people some exercise within 3 metres of their home. No flights or ships with tourists should be allowed back until September, when the whole of the EU and South American countries could be clear. No matter not what you read, people are still going down in China, patience is a virtue that Mallorca must have.


Karin / Hace about 1 year

Be smart and let people to get out and exercise... many are going to die without it or else have severe problems as just ordered to stay inside... violence alcoholism obesity just to name some Let us get out to the nature... one by one!


Ursula / Hace about 1 year

I cannot agree more with you Georgi. Children need go outside, let's keep distance and protection but it will end up badly to be locked for longer. It's just cruel...


Steve D / Hace about 1 year

It will be extended and rightly so. Although it seems like people will be allowed to walk with children and run outside. Turning the tap on now would ruin the benefits of the lockdown thus far. Wuhan was in lockdown for 2 months, Spain only 3 weeks and Spain has many more cases and deaths. I would keep the lockdown on til mid May and keep the ports and airports closed to people until 1 July. Our biggest risk here is people bringing it in from Madrid and Barcelona. We dont have to worry about tourists as there wont be any of them until at least Sept as there will be no flights and no appetite to travel.


Georgi / Hace about 1 year

Let's hope it is not extended. At the end sedentary way of life will be more harmful to people's health than the virus itself.