Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister Archive photo.


Two NHS nurses are being hailed as heroes after the British Prime Minister publicly thanked them for looking after him when he was in hospital fighting coronavirus.

Boris Johnson praised several Medical Staff but paid specific tribute to Nurse Luis Pitarma, from central Aveiro in Portugal and Nurse Jenny McGee, from Invercargill in New Zealand.

“The NHS has saved my life, no question,” said Boris Johnson, “particularly two nurses who stood by my bedside for 48 hours when things could have gone either way."

The British Prime Minister was admitted to Thomas’ Hospital in London on April 5 and moved to the ICU almost immediately when his symptoms worsened. He was given oxygen but did not contract pneumonia or need a respirator and was discharged at the weekend after 7 nights in hospital.

Luis Pitarma, NHS Nurse, St Thomas' Hospital, London

Luis Pitarma has been working at St Thomas’ for 4 years and specialises in oxygenation, which is why he was taking care of Boris Johnson whilst he was in the ICU. Nurse Pitarma has already received a call from Portuguese President, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, to "thank him personally for his work and vigilance.”

Nurse Jenny McGee, St Thomas' Hospital, London

Jenny McGee has been working as a nurse in the UK for 8 years. The New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern says she's sent a personal Facebook message to Nurse McGee to thank her for her work.


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Tony / Hace about 1 year

What crap we don’t need foreigners in our country the nhs only employed them as cheap labour depressing our wages that’s the only reason , oh and apart from no work in there own country , not to mention all the freebies , my wife has been nursing in the nhs for 42 years and she says if our own people apply they are deliberately overlooked as the wage demands are to high it’s funny now you see all the advertisements on tv for jobs in the nhs should have thought about our own first she says she wouldn’t work for them again too many managers who have not got a clue what they are doing drawing extremely high wages instead of paying the staff who actually do the dirty work ! at the moment she is working 24 hr shifts for a days wage I earn in 1 hour so thank god for brexit and the nhs can kiss my a...s


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Makes u snigger: the Brexit was a lot about too many foreigners coming into the UK. yet Boris was nursed by two non brits. I wonder when the Brits work out that the whole of the UK cannot function without foreigners......