Spain's Covid-19 fatalites reach a grim milestone

Spain's Covid-19 fatalites reach a grim milestone.

18-04-2020Ultima Hora

Spain's death toll from coronavirus rose at a slower pace on Saturday but surpassed 20,000 fatalities as the government mulled whether to ask Parliament for a third extension of the confinement imposed in one of the world's hardest hit countries.

The number of deaths increased by 565 on Saturday, compared to 585 on Friday and the number of new coronavirus cases rose to 191,726 from 188,068.

"The data of hospitalised, deceased and ICU admissions have maintained a downward trend the past few days," said Health Emergency Chief, Fernando Simon, adding that he hoped to see a steeper decrease soon.

Simon said he expected a significant rise in registered coronavirus cases as the number of quick tests conducted has doubled in the past three weeks, but stressed that the tests have shown a lower infection rate among citizens.

Spain has begun to ease the strict lockdown imposed on March 14 and this week opened up some sectors of the economy, including manufacturing. But most people are still confined to their houses except for essential outings like shopping for food and children are not allowed out for exercise.

On April 9, Parliament approved a 15-day extension of the State of Emergency that brought in the lockdown measures. The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez said at the time that he was certain he would have to ask for another extension, which would go into May.

According to the Spanish television channel, TVE, lawmakers will likely vote on it on Wednesday.

The Technical Panel that advises Prime Minister Sanchez is in favour of extending the confinement measures, Simon said, but added that they could be progressively eased if it was assessed that the health system could handle a potential second wave of infection.

"We are very close to de-escalation" he said, without elaborating.

Madrid Mayor, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida told a Spanish radio station that it was possible that large events and gatherings will be banned nationwide until the autumn.

Spain's Labour Minister, Yolanda Diaz said on Friday her department was planning a two-phased economic resumption, the first for Productive Sectors up to the summer and a second for Tourism & Leisure which would last until the end of the year.

The final decision will depend on advice from the Health Authorities, the Labour department said in a statement.


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Juan love / Hace about 1 year

It is managing the situation far better than the UK, and due to the stricter policies, cases are reducing. The wearing masks does not prevent the spread of the virus 100%. This is why is why it isn't compulsory for countries such as Germany to wear them.

Mass gatherings have also been forbidden in many countries, but this hasn't stopped certain people from doing this, even though they know full well the dangers it can bring.

Unfortunately, common sense nowadays has been overtaken by ignorance and stupidity, which is why stricter policies are so necessary.

I'm sure you also understand under what circumstances people can leave their apartments, Don't exaggerate.


Georgi / Hace about 1 year

To keep people locked down is becoming a crime in itself. There are many measures that could have been taken : forbid mass gatherings, require that people go out by themselves while wearing masks or any other form of protection but stop with this nonsense of keeping everyone in enforcing it in the most authoritarian way by fines and persecutions. Spain is the country which is managing the crisis in the worst possible way and for the time being one can't even leave.