Police launch lockdown checks from the air in Palma.

19-04-2020Youtube: Ultima Hora

National Police Officers are monitoring the State of Emergency from the air with the help of the CNP Helicopter Unit, to make sure people are adhering to the coronavirus restrictions.

The Helicopter Unit locates and identifies people who are breaking the rules in Palma and sends the information to HQ via radio so that Officers can follow up and either sanction the offenders or arrest them.

Ground level checks are continuing in Majorca. On Saturday, the Local Police, State Security Forces and Corps identified more than 8,100 people and 7,400 vehicles at checkpoints on public and private roads in the Balearic Islands designed to stop people travelling to second homes in the mountains, on the coast or inland during the coronavirus lockdown.

On Sunday, the Guardia Civil identified nearly 5,000 citizens at different surveillance points and 634 were cited for breaching the Covid-19 restrictions.


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Georgi / Hace about 1 year

Every day more measures to enforce the state of dictate, from phone tracking, trough censuring comments on social media and websites mixed with fines and arrests. 1984...brought to life by an incompetent government