Pedro Sánchez arriving at Congress on Wednesday.

22-04-2020J. J. Guillén

Prime Minister Sánchez, seeking ratification of the latest extension to the state of alarm, told Congress on Wednesday that there is a "de-escalation horizon" in the second half of May.

The extension until 11 May, Sánchez said, was "essential". But he stressed that in asking for a further extension, he was able, for the first time, to "envisage what life could be like once the acute phase has passed". There is a "prudently optimistic scenario", but he insisted that "false steps" must be avoided. Spain will at all times follow World Health Organization criteria for the new phase that the country will face.

In the second half of May, he added, the conditions of the state of alarm will be changing. Decisions on freedom of movement will depend on the evolution of the disease. Emphasising that there must be utmost caution and prudence, he said that as the risk "progressively" decreases, the state of alarm can be modified.

Sánchez explained that the health minister, Salvador Illa, is to be given powers to issue instructions that may differ according to location. These will apply to the movement of people, to commercial activity, such as the reopening of bars and restaurants, and to places for leisure and culture. Over the period of the new extension, the fortnight starting on Monday, the prime minister indicated that rules on limiting travel and commercial activity may vary.

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Tony / Hace about 1 year

as per BOE update, lockdown is until 00:00 10 May That's Sunday morning so 10th is the day.


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

If you ask a painter what he needs, he will say brushes and paint. If you ask a baker what he needs, he will say flour, water, salt and yeast. The government, and not exclusively the spanish government basically act on the opinion of a few specialists, completely bypassing and ignoring the vast group of others that will actually pay the bills when this will all be over. It is not Pedro Sanchez´s money he hands out, it is our money. And who will be the first to be hit by the huge cuts that will need to be made to keep Spain Ltd going: the public and health sectors. We are governed by a group of people with masks AND blinkers on.


Dule / Hace about 1 year

So the Prime minister is continuing to follow the instructions from the organisation that led us to the situation that we are all in. It is really a miracle that we are not suffering much more damage with this curent generation of politicians.