De-escalation of coronavirus restrictions.

De-escalation of coronavirus restrictions.


The de-escalation of coronavirus restrictions for children begins on Sunday and now the Government is turning its attention to the rest of the population.

The Health Minister, Salvador Illa, is meeting with representatives from Autonomous Communities and the Inter-territorial Health Council to agree on criteria and markers that will allow Spain to transition to the de-escalation phase.

Minister Illa said on Thursday in the Congress of Deputies that there is "reciprocal loyalty" to face the pandemic and that a framework is required in order to move forward.

One of the markers is the seroprevalence study which will begin next week in each autonomous community and according to Minister Illa, this very ambitious project will be done in three waves, although preliminary results will be available.

At least 36,000 families and 60,000 people will be involved in the study which will estimate what percentage of the Spanish population has developed antibodies to the coronavirus and measure their level of immunity.


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Dano / Hace about 1 year

In the Balearics the restriction of freedom of movement should be lifted NOW. For the past few weeks, we have averaged only 25-30 new cases per day across all of the Balearic Islands!! People need to be allowed to get out of their homes, go for walks, ride a bicycle, exercise, etc...but CONTINUE to maintain social distancing. Yes, businesses will remain closed for the time being. But, stress, frustration, and anger are building inside those who've been forced to remain in their homes for 6 weeks now. What harm can I possibly do if I go out for a drive on my scooter by myself? Loosen the ties that bind us, then monitor. If cases increase sharply, then you can always ratchet it back down.