Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain.

Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain.

02-05-2020Moncloa Handout

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, began his speech on Saturday with a message of hope saying the rate of coronavirus infection is now 66 times less than it was when the State of Emergency was announced on March 14.

Sanchez pointed out that social responsibility is paramount as the de-escalation gets underway, to prevent a resurgence of Covid-19.

He also has announced that from Monday, May 4, masks will be mandatory on public transport and that 6 million will be distributed at the main transport centres nationwide.

Restaurants and cafés will be able to deliver orders directly from their premises from May 4, with a preferential distribution system for seniors.

The Prime Minister has already announced that Services such as, hairdressers, workshops and bookstores could open from Monday, but on Saturday, he added that each of those establishments must operate with one worker per customer.

He also confirmed that 16 billion euros will be poured into the economy to boost the social and economic reconstruction of Spain, but did not say how the money would be spent.

"This is the largest mobilisation of public money in the history of democracy," said Prime Minister Sánchez.

The Government has calculated that the country's wealth will be reduced by 9%, and that it will take two years to get things back on track, but Sánchez says he's confident that by 2023 Spain will be in better shape than it was before the pandemic.

He also repeated his intention to request a fourth extension of the State of Emergency, as he already said on Tuesday when he revealed details of the de-escalation plan.

After 49 days of being stuck at home, adults in Spain are finally allowed to go out for one hour per day from 06.00-10.00 or 20.00-2300 to walk, run or play sports.


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Fred / Hace about 1 year

I agree with using Masks. But is there enough supplies? Where are there supplies.?


Richard / Hace about 1 year

Hello, we are limited to 1 hour per day walking but we can exercise for as long as we want within the allocated time periods of 6am to 10am and 8pm to 11 pm, unless you live in a municipality of 5000 or less then you can go when you want. Accuracy is important when reporting