Time slots for children to be more flexible.

Time slots for children to be more flexible.

02-05-2020Josep Bagur Gomila

The Centre for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, or CCAA may change the time slots that children are allowed to go outside because of the heat.

At the moment kids can go out between 1200 and 1900, but the Autonomous Communities may be allowed to modify the time slots for children up to 14 years old so that they don't coincide with the hottest time of the day.

"A proposal will be made to the Autonomous Communities that will give them a big enough margin to adapt their schedules depending on the weather,” said CCAA Director, Fernando Simón.

The details will be published in the next Health Order, but he stressed that the CCAA's recommendations are being taken into account because they are very reasonable.

“Every country has had to adapt the recommendations of the World Health Organisation, but the idiosyncrasies of each territory means some adaptation is required, therefore each community can be flexible without increasing the risks,” said Simón.

He also appealed to those who are breaking the social distancing rules, reminding them that if infections continue to rise, the restrictions will be kept in place for longer.

"We are all at risk because of the bad behaviour of some people,” he said. “The Spanish are very affable people, we like to share and we probably have a more intense social life than other countries in Europe, so it is difficult for us to comply with the rules of physical distancing because it goes against our instincts, but we have to do it for a little while longer, because if we don’t we might have to do it for an even longer time."


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