Palma Son Sant Joan Airport; quiet during the state of alarm.


The Spanish government is not contemplating there being international travel before the beginning of July, which would be more or less in line with the maximum time the government has identified for de-escalation to conclude and by when travel between provinces of Spain will be possible.

The government has informed the European Union of Spain's schedule and is wanting the reopening of Schengen borders to be based on common and non-discriminatory epidemiological criteria. Madrid does not therefore envisage certain regions of the country receiving foreign travellers before others. Its wish, in principle, is for the whole country to enter the situation of "new normal" at the same time. However, regions can raise the possibility of an earlier opening of borders with the national ministry of health, taking into account the possible risk of importing new infection.

The European Commission is due to present its recommendations regarding Schengen internal borders on Wednesday. The Spanish government accepts that not all countries will be able to open their borders at the same time, as they are at different stages of managing the pandemic. The view of the government is that its timetable for border reopening will not be very different to that of France and Italy.

By the beginning of July, the government wants there to be a series of agreed common protocols for tourism. These would cover, for example, hygiene and capacity at airports and the availability of health centres.

The government is meanwhile studying the conditions for international (Schengen) flights arriving in Spain and will shortly be setting these out in the Official Bulletin of State.


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Michael Stadler / Hace about 1 year

The four new cases of Covid-19 recorded today, do we know where they are and is it a cluster?


lizz / Hace about 1 year

Why are there German wings and Eurowings flights going into Palma from Germany. There have been several of these flights over the past few days. Are the German property owners allowed into Mallorca ?


Colin Thompson / Hace about 1 year

When Flights start up again, Please Please prohibit aeroplanes from taking shortcuts across the islands, Im really enjoying the peace and quiet and the absence of fossil fuel exhausts being spewed out into the air over the land. Keep them over water until in line with the airport.