Children's summer clothing hard to find.

Children's summer clothing hard to find.

15-05-2020Teresa Ayuga

While everything else came to a grinding halt during the coronavirus lockdown, children just kept on growing and parents are are at their wits end because none of the big shops are open, so they can't buy new clothes for their kids.

Many parents are shopping on the internet, but with an avalanche of orders to deal with, delivery can take up to a month.

“We’ve had so many inquiries from people asking where they can buy clothes for their children,” said Toni Fuster, President of Afedeco.


Most of El Corte Inglés is closed, but there is an online shopping service on the ground floor of the store with orders available in 30 minutes and demand for children’s summer clothes and shoes has gone through the roof.

Stores bigger than 400 square metres won’t be allowed to open until Phase 3, which means some of the best-known brands are either hard to find or very expensive and that’s forcing families to juggle their budgets to buy what they need.

Toni Fuster points out that a number of small boutiques are open in Carrer del Baró de Santa Maria del Sepulcre, Carrer de Jesús and the Avenidas, but acknowledges that families on tight budgets are having a hard time finding children's clothes and shoes.


Transport problems have delayed deliveries to the Balearic Islands which is another reason why fewer summer clothes and shoes are available.

"Small businesses have to fork out between 60,000 and 80,000 euros for summer season stock and some fear that they won’t be able to afford that because of the economic crisis caused by coronavirus,” says Toni Fuster.


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