The last applause for Covid-19 Frontline Workers is on Sunday.

17-05-2020Youtube: Ultima Hora

The evening applause that’s rung out from balconies terraces and windows in cities and towns throughout Spain to thank Healthcare Workers and other front-line workers will end on Sunday.

It all began more than two months ago, when calls appeared on social media networks and Messaging Apps asking people to show their support for those on the frontline as coronavirus ran rabid through Europe and the Spanish Central Government declared a State of Emergency.

For the first few days the applause started at 2200 but it was changed to 2000 so that children could join in and because of the nightly clapping ritual, many people now know neighbours they’d never spoken to before.

In reply to the tributes from the public, Healthcare Workers and Emergency Services Personnel showed their appreciation with reciprocal applause, car sirens and whistles and uploaded messages and videos to Social Media Networks.

Bus drivers tooted their thanks and boats in harbours all over the country blasted their horns.

With most of the country now in Phase 1, shops, terraces and markets have reopened and people can go out for a walk or play sports at specific hours of the day.

Now, messages have appeared on WhatsApp and Social Media Networks asking for one final round of applause on Sunday, May 24, that will end the daily ritual which has been a lifeline for so many people during lockdown, especially those living alone.

“To give a dignified ending, this Sunday at 2000 we are going to offer the best and longest tribute from the balconies, terraces and windows across Spain for all of the Healthcare Workers and other Sectors for their hard work and efforts to protect us during the pandemic,” the message reads.

Many, many people will remember the music drifting over the rooftops, Spanish songs like Resistiré, famous disco tunes, fabulous opera, neighbourhood bingo, balcony discos on Friday and Saturday night and the laughter and waves of support that gave people hope and helped them to cope with weeks of isolation.

To everyone who's worked on the frontline during the coronavirus pandemic..

THANK YOU from all of us at the Majorca Daily Bulletin.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

I think this applause should be for everybody, who kept working to serve us. I had nothing to do with the health services, but I applaud the supermarket personnel, who just kept doing their jobs, no matter what. I think we should rattle our pots and pans however, for all these police and guardia civil tossers, who kept fining their fellow citizens. Shame on you!!