Masks are mandatory from Thursday, May 21.

Masks are mandatory from Thursday, May 21.

20-05-2020Jaume Morey

From today, face masks are mandatory in the street where social distancing is not possible, in enclosed spaces and on public transport for everyone over the age of 16 and recommended for children aged 3-5.

In the Balearic Islands there are 88,700 families with two children and another 18,900 have three or more kids, according to the National Statistics Institute, or INE.

The Government is not supplying free masks, so more than 107,000 families will have to fork out between 72 and 115 euros a month for masks.

One surgical mask will set you back 0.96 at a pharmacy and a pack of 10 costs 6 euros at supermarkets, which means a single person will have to pay between 18 and 29 euros a month to comply with the new regulations and at 5 euros each, those who need to wear FFP2 masks will have to pay 150 euros a month.

Anyone with respiratory difficulties or contraindicated for health or disability reasons is exempt from the new face mask ruling.

Masks do not have to be worn when people are drinking, eating food or playing sports, but they must used in the workplace and where 2-metre social distancing is not possible.

There are no restrictions on the type of masks that can be worn, but they should be hygienic, surgical and cover the nose and mouth.

Pharmacies in the Balearic Islands said earlier this week that they are fully stocked.

"There are no supply problems, the situation was normalised after a few complicated weeks,” according to the President of the Official College of Pharmacists, Antoni Real.

Fernando Simón, Director of the Coordination Centre for Health Alerts & Emergencies, or CCAES, admitted last Tuesday that one of the reasons people were not told to wear masks in February when the pandemic was spreading in Western countries, was lack of supplies.

“At that time surgical masks were only made in China, which was a big problem in Europe when it came to recommending the use of equipment that was barely available. The level of risk and the measures we would need were not known,” he said.


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Lucy / Hace about 1 year

I'm sorry I dont see how it has to cost families money to buy masks we are a family of three and have home made masks some had stitched and some on sewing machine, all efective and easy to make some took only five minutes and have the option of a filter, that I use paper coffee filters from mercadona 100 filters 0.70 cents. I'm not going to waste money or help destroy more our planet with disposable masks or gloves


Bert / Hace about 1 year

Katy, protect others from WHAT ?


Christian Goodin / Hace about 1 year

“At that time surgical masks were only made in China, which was a big problem in Europe‘....oh the irony!!!

But on the cost front I think most people will just re-use masks. Lots of finger wagging at that suggestion I’m sure but ‘money’s too tight to mention’!


Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Typical crap ruling yet again of this incapable, left wing government. Making masks compulsory, but not willing to pay for them. Their incompetent handling of the corona crisis has crippled the economy and destroyed many, many people´s lives, but let´s kick our citizens a little harder in the groin with this rule. Yet soon Pedro and his commies will be begging the EU for billions and billions. We have no idea however, how that money will be spent. As basically Spain wants an open cheque. This must be the worst government Spain has ever had.


Andy Smith / Hace about 1 year

Disgraceful, totally over the top, given the amount of infections.


Katy / Hace about 1 year

Hygienic OR surgical you mean. Alternatively make your own washable masks, double sided and with an opening for a changeable filter. They work just as well to protect others which is what this is all about and they are easy enough to make if you can sew. FFP2 masks are not recommended for the general public. First and foremost they should be kept for health workers but they also make breathing more difficult. I tried them to protect myself as well as others but found them very uncomfortable.