Heathrow Airport, London

Heathrow Airport, London. archive photo.

22-05-2020Reuters, Toby Melville

The UK is introducing a 14 day quarantine for all British Expats and International travellers arriving at UK airports, except passengers from Ireland.

Travellers will have to supply a UK address and contact details when they arrive in the country and Health Officials will carry out spot checks and issue fines of £1,000 or €1,114 for breaching quarantine.

So far, no restrictions have been placed on people arriving in the UK via Eurostar or Ferry.

The new quarantine rule is expected to take effect at the end of this month and reviewed every three weeks, but no end date has been announced.

Truck drivers and Healthcare Professionals will not be forced to self-isolate.


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Lisa / Hace about 1 year

So one question, why now??? The UK have claimed their actions are motivated by science. I think not. Have they considered the numbers across Europe??? Hey guys, the UK is the bad boy in Europe. Check out the Sunday Times - 38 days and four Cobra meetings, while Boris reflected in the glory of achieving Brexit. I wouldn’t want to be a politician in these hard times, but my word if you’re looking for ‘how not to do it’ check out Boris’s Britain. Appalling.


Virginie / Hace about 1 year

Would it be possible for one of your journalists to report on how the 14-day quarantine is being enforced in Mallorca for travelers arriving by plane? I see many flights arriving every day and I am curious about the measures that are in place to check on the travelers arriving in Palma. Thank you in advance, Virginie