La Paz University Hospital, Madrid.

La Paz University Hospital, Madrid.


The Ministry of Health confirmed 56 deaths in Spain on Friday and 688 fatalities which were recorded in Catalonia have also been added after delays in validating information, taking the total to 28,628.

There were 446 new infections, making 234,824 altogether, but again, data from Catalonia has still to be confirmed.

“We are going to have to be very aware of what is happening because not knowing the information for a specific area is not a trivial matter,” said Fernando Simón.

On Thursday the daily death toll from Covid-19 in Spain fell below 50 for the first time since the State of Emergency began.

In the last 24 hours, 123 new patients were hospitalised, and 20 of them were admitted to the ICU.

On Friday there were 29 new infections in Andalusia, 30 in Aragon, 2 in Asturias, 13 in The Balearic Islands, 5 in The Canary Islands, 5 to Cantabria, 41 in Castilla-La Mancha and 47 to Castilla y León.

Another 150 positive cases have been diagnosed in Catalonia, 5 in Ceuta, 34 in the Valencian Community, 2 in Extremadura 2, 7 in Galicia, 53 in Madrid 53 and Melilla has yet to confirm its numbers.

2 new infections were confirmed in Murcia, 5 in Navarra 5, 13 in the Basque Country and 3 in La Rioja 3.

There were no coronavirus fatalities on Friday in Asturias, The Canary Islands, Cantabria or Ceuta, Melilla and Murcia, but 2 deaths were confirmed in Andalusia, 10 in Aragon, 1 in The Balearic Islands, 10 in Castilla-La Mancha and 1 in Castilla y León.

There were also 3 fatalities in Catalonia, 4 in Ceuta, 6 in the Valencian Community, 1 in Extremadura, 1 in Galicia, 13 in Madrid 2 in Melilla, 2 in Navarra, 4 in the Basque Country and 2 in La Rioja.

123 new patients were hospitalised and 20 of them were admitted to the ICU, making 124,642 altogether.


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