Face coverings will be compulsory in England from June 15.

Face coverings will be compulsory in England from June 15.


Face coverings will be compulsory on all public transport in England from June 15, to prevent the spread of coronavirus, according to Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps.

"This will mean that you can be refused travel if you don't comply and you could be fined," he said, “This will be enforced by the British Transport Police if necessary, but I expect the vast majority of people won't need to be forced into this.”

People can use pretty much anything to cover their nose and mouth, from a mask to a scarf or even just a piece of fabric.

“The evidence suggests that wearing face coverings offers some, albeit limited, protection, against the spread of the virus, that doesn’t mean surgical masks, which we must keep for clinical settings, it means the kind of face covering you can easily make at home,” said Shapps.

People without face coverings will not be allowed on buses, trains, planes and ferries, but small children and those with disabilities or breathing difficulties will be exempt.

The rule only applies in England, although Shapps said he expects the authorities in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to take similar action.


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Malcolm / Hace about 1 year

Tragically, the sheer scope of this pandemic means that the full spectrum of human fears, emotions and reactions have surfaced. These range from Conspiracy theorists who believe Covid19 doesn't really exist, and is merely a subterfuge to control us all under a 'New World Order', through those who believe it to be a very serious Flu-type outbreak, and treated accordingly, to others who are panicking hysterically unless compulsion of every sort is possibly irrevocably introduced as though the mortality is 100 % !! @Fed up: I think you did entirely the right thing. @Stan : When 'compulsion' comes in; 'free-will' flies out the window...... And can you get it back?


Fed up / Hace about 1 year

Stan, they are supposed to be compulsory here on public transport and elsewhere both indoors and outdoors if you can’t keep the social distance of two metres. The trouble is that, like you say, many are not adhering to the rules and that includes a local policeman I passed the other day. He was standing in the middle of the pavement chatting to another man and had his mask in his hand! Did he move out if the way to let me pass? Nooo! I had to walk into the road to get past. A great example!!


Stan / Hace about 1 year

How I wishthe masks were supposed to be compulsory here. I bought quality masks from my local Pharmacia. Cost €6. But I am mostly on my own when out and around who is wearing a mask. My theory is the mask stops any virus droplets leaving your mouth. Also the good quality mask will prevent any inhalation of any virus droplets. So I wear my mask ALL THE TIME.