People wearing face masks

People wearing face masks.


Spain's government is not planning to make the use of face masks compulsory nationwide where social distancing can be guaranteed, a Health Ministry source said on Monday, after several regions made them mandatory in all circumstances.

Spain's regions already have the instruments they need to tackle the roughly 100 localised outbreaks that have sprung up around the country, the source added.


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Mark Badoer / Hace about 1 year

Social distancing has a contradiction in it on its own. We as human beings, are not made to social distance. Ok, some exceptions on the rule always exist, but 99,999% of us need to be among people. The face masks and 1,5 social distancing contradicts all science known about our social behaviour and needs. And this on a cellular level: our DNA. To give some easy examples: why do prisons have isolation cells as a severe punishment. Why are we concerned about (old) people living alone. This 1,5m distancing and the face masks goes against just about everything human and however insignificant it may seem to some, this will cause problems on the longer term.