Can Picafort, Majorca.

Can Picafort, Majorca.

13-07-2020Ultima Hora

Optimism over the surge in hotel bookings since borders were opened and the State of Emergency was lifted is slowly ebbing away because hotel reservations in Majorca, Minorca, Ibiza and Formentera have been steadily falling since last Friday when the Government announced that face masks would be compulsory.

Hoteliers say Tour Operators are constantly asking them for information about the tightening of anti-virus controls, which the Hotel Chain Association claims “has later resulted in the cancellation of up to 50% of bookings," said the Hotel Chain Association.

No consensus

Balearic Hoteliers say they understand that similar measures have been adopted in competing countries "but what cannot be tolerated is the improvisation of the Government and the lack of consensus with businesses and agents. It’s as if they do not care at all about the economic impact of a measure whose compliance is almost impossible to control in leisure areas at night,” say Hoteliers.


The Hotel Chain Association claims that the number of establishments that were forecast to open in Majorca and the rest of the islands in July "has been distorted by the Government's decision and many companies have already indicated that they won’t open after all, due to the alarming decline in reservations and occupancy levels.”

Several chains are already reducing the number of hotel openings, particularly Palma, according to the Hotel Association chairman, Javier Vich.

"Earlier we gave a positive message that Majorca is a safe destination and now the message that transcends Europe is that something bad is happening in Majorca and they regard us with fear, hence the decline in reserves in the last 48 hours,” says Vich. "As a result of the Pilot Plan in June bookings soared, now there are more cancellations than reservations and the indications are that because of the sudden drop in bookings and the increase in hotel reservation cancellations many hotels that were planning to reopen in August won’t do so after all.”


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Mike( Belgium ) / Hace about 1 year

It is in fact very easy to predict. If you re open places like Punta Ballena and Ballerman,not having an impact on peple who bre the corona rules and hotels who allow parties without safety rulles this is what happens. The result of the behaviour of a minority not only will result in a new lockdosn and ma new cases in the countries where these people land after their holiday. The should never have allowed to reopen those places.Very bad management In Belgium after the lockdown we re opened the restaurants and bars in fase 3 and up to now no disco's or equivalent places are allowed to re-open


Dule / Hace about 1 year

This truly come as a great shock to all of us. Who could have ever predicted this outcome??!!