The nightlife sector needs help badly.


Joaquim Boadas, secretary general of Spain NightLife, the national association for nightlife businesses, reacted to Friday's announcement by the Spanish government by saying that a "new total closure doesn't just place us on the brink of the abyss, it will be total ruin".

Boadas insists that there are alternatives which are "less drastic". These include lowering capacity, implementing more safety measures, finding ways to respect spacing between tables, and increasing awareness of the need to wear masks. He has called on the government to spend more money on raising awareness. The only such campaign, he said on Friday, has been in Madrid. "This would help us avoid having to suffer this total closure."

Asked if nightlife businesses and club goers have been following health standards, he observed that "everything has been done, but we shouldn't have to pay for the sinners". "There are clients who have behaved and clients who have not behaved. But this cannot be a reason for punishing the entire sector. We must adopt drastic measures for those who fail to comply."

There was, he noted, "some light at the end of the tunnel" as the ministry of tourism has confirmed that it will help out with the payment of rents. "They (the ministry) have also told us that they will help us with extending ERTE to the end of the year."


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palmadave / Hace about 1 year

Take this opportunity to level the lot, eradicate the scum that infect it, build quality tourist accommodation to attract the best tourists to appreciate the island and its capital.


Gabriel / Hace about 1 year

James, wow...I've never heard of that 50%. Why wouldn't you get the vaccine? Oh, right, the nanobots of Mr Gates that wants to control us. And 5G. And at the moment there are more mild because now the majority are young, because they don't protect themselves. Why would you want it to spread more? So that more people die? And who was talking about creating a vaccine for every corona virus? Did we need so far vaccines for the common cold? These kind of messages are meant to mislead people. Between some information, throw in something like that.people will just pick it up and spread it. Shame on you, James!


James / Hace about 1 year

It seems crazy to close down the economy and people's livelihoods when we are seeing nearly 90% of new cases are asymptomatic or mild. We need to start to live with this virus and stop assuming there will be a vaccine soon. It's very hard if not impossible to create a vaccine for any corona virus. From the data I have seen only about 50% of people would be willing to risk taking the vaccine anyway.