Lufthansa Covid test centre.

Lufthansa Covid test centre.

13-11-2020Andreas Gebert

The President of the Government, Francina Armengol has announced that all domestic travellers arriving in the Islands will have to prove they don’t have coronavirus.

"I have no doubt that tourists coming from Spanish territory will have to undergo a negative PCR test," said President Armengol, who added that she’s been negotiating with the Central Government for months in an effort to improve health security.

“We have achieved it internationally and we will also achieve it with the national market,” she stressed. “Health security is not determined by nationality, but by whether or not people have the disease.”


President Armengol’s statements are part of the Government's strategy to make the Balearic Islands a safe destination. Tourism & Labour Minister, Iago Negueruela, the Mallorca Hotel Business Federation, the Balearic Hotel Chains Association, PIMEM and Habtur met on Friday to discuss the way forward.

Minister Negueruela said the objective is to shield the Balearics from contagion from abroad and to be a safe destination for the 2021 tourist season.

“The fundamental objective is for the Balearic Islands to be a safe destination, so reliable anti-Covid tests, whether they're PCRs or another type of test, must be carried out on everyone who comes from overseas,” said FEHM Executive Vice President, María José Aguiló after the meeting.

PCRs are more reliable than antigen tests,” said President of the Small Business Association, Jordi Mora. “The business and tourism world wants tourist activity to start as soon as possible, hence the need to send positive messages in this regard.”

Minister Negueruela announced that a promotional campaign for the Balearic Islands will be carried out in January and February in collaboration with the Consell de Mallorca to encourage reservation sales.

"Health controls in the markets are vital, which is why we need to generate maximum confidence and reinforce messages of security,” said Insular Tourism Minister, Andreu Serra. “Promotional campaigns in Europe will have an impact in this regard, but they’ve yet to be defined and strategised.”


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Virginie / Hace about 1 year

The decision to require a negative PCR test makes a lot of sense. What needs to be done now is to reduce the cost for travelers. 130 euros for a PCR test is outrageous. My son travelled to Egypt and paid 130 euros for his PCR here....before coming back he had a test done in Egypt and the cost was 40 euros. Why the huge difference? Mrs Armengol, please look into this, please.


Gazza / Hace about 1 year

If you deem it necessary to travel during a pandemic, you pay. For an emergency, justifiable, for a jolly, your choice. Don’t cry about the cost.


Mason Copperfield / Hace about 1 year

I need to work 3 days in Castellon in early December to start up a job. Then go back 2 weeks later for another 3 days, to check all the work and finish. That means 300 euros in PCR tests? Might as well not bother. This government seems determined to sink all business´s, so we can all go to work in communal State farms and work the land to feed the leaders and their families and Party members.


Adam Ostenfeld / Hace about 1 year

Who is going to Pay for this test and how much dose it cost ? many of these people are staying only for the day so will they receive there results before or after they leave will they have to stay at the airport until they receive there result ?


James / Hace about 1 year

These politicians would be dangerous with brains. After a year of the worlds economy being brought to its knees because of there choices they now expect people to spend more money they haven't got on a PCR test. Even if you can afford I wouldn't pay it. We had just planned to go from Mallorca to Tenerife for 2 weeks Christmas but wont be paying for my family of 4 to have PCR tests on departing to Tenerife then on arrival back to Mallorca 1200€ in total just on PCR test and a chance of a positive result. That's about 5000€ the Canary islands wont be seeing of our money over the Christmas period. It will soon add up when more people and families just won't pay out the added cost. Stupid idea! Spain, I wouldn't get your hopes up thinking people will be cueing to get on Planes to get here.