Denis in Cala Millor.

Denis in Cala Millor. archive photo.

18-11-2020Ultima Hora

A German man who spends a lot of time in Mallorca and runs a children's entertainment business in Cala Millor, is giving away his car because he doesn't need it.

"It's a little bit broken but it works fine and I'd like it to go to someone who needs it,” says Denis. “It would be a good early Christmas present."

A complaint on social media by the ASIMA Association brought his offer to light when they used his car as an example of car abandonment in Can Valero, without mentioning that there was a note on the car from the owner offering to give it away to anyone who wants it.

"If you send me your address I will send you the documentation and we can complete the transfer," said Denis.

Denis was apparently unaware that parking his Golf Cabrio on the street creates a problem of incivility, but Denis is adamant that the car has not been abandoned.

"I don't have time to sell it,” says Denis, who claims that “the whole idea was to give the car to a family that really needs it.”

Denis hopes to complete the transfer of the car when he returns to Mallorca in the coming days.


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