Mercadona truck.

Mercadona truck.

20-11-2020JC Barbera/Mercadona

Mercadona is moving forward with its commitment to sustainability and has joined the European Lean & Green initiative which aims to help companies in all Sectors achieve the goals set at the Paris Climate Summit to achieve zero emissions by 2050.

The supermarket is developing an action plan to reduce emissions to certify that after more than four years of applying logistical efficiency measures, Mercadona will reduce emissions by 20% this year. The plan is also expected to include a package of measures to reduce emissions by an additional 10% by 2023.

“Mercadona's adherence to Lean & Green is a sign of the company's commitment to saying 'Yes to caring more about the planet’” said Rosa Aguado, General Manager of Logistics at Mercadona. “Joining the Lean & Green program is an opportunity to be more transparent and demanding of ourselves, to meet the European Green Pact objectives and take our development plans further.

Lean & Green

Lean & Green is the largest European collaboration platform aimed at reducing emissions associated with the supply chain. It was founded in the Netherlands and now has a presence in 14 countries with more than 600 member companies throughout Europe.

Once companies reach their objectives and have been auditing they are certified with a Lean & Green Star.

Mercadona has its own environmental management system based on the principles of the circular economy and focuses on logistics optimisation, energy efficiency, waste management, sustainable production and reducing plastic.

The company is working towards a triple goal in 2025: to reduce plastic by 25%, only use recyclable packaging and recycle all waste.


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