Santa Claus.

Santa Claus. archive photo.


The Christmas lights are up, the shops are full of decorations and children all over the world are up to high doh, because it’s nearly time for Santa Claus to come down the chimney.

But it’s all a bit complicated this year because travel is heavily restricted and children have had the importance of following the coronavirus restrictions drummed into them all year.

So, naturally they’re beginning to wonder exactly how Santa and his reindeer are going to cross all the borders between Lapland and the rest of the world to deliver their presents.

The Secretary of State for the European Union, Juan González-Barba has proposed that a declaration be approved at the next European Council to make sure that Santa’s Christmas schedule won’t be affected.

The issue was raised after Cs Deputy, Marta Martín asked "how are we going to guarantee that Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men can enter the homes of Spanish children without any problems at the border?”

"It seems to me a very intelligent reflection," replied the Secretary of State.

Before the summit of European leaders scheduled in December, González-Barba asked the current European Council President to make a statement giving Santa Claus special dispensation.

Santa Claus will be guaranteed mobility,” said González-Barba. “It’s important for children to realise that the EU is involved in their lives. They may not be capable of understanding issues such as agrarian policy yet, but they are able to understand border crossing issues,” he added. “Santa Claus symbolises one of the great achievements of the EU and it’s one that we cannot lose.”

However the spokesman for Unidas Podemos, Antón Gómez-Reino was clearly not in the mood for frivolity.

"It is good that we’re taking care of the Three Wise Men, Santa Claus and the children, but let's do it with a tone of maturity that’s necessary for an institution like this," he remarked.

But the Secretary of State for the EU denied that it was "frivolous" saying that the most relevant issues that affect children, such as health and prosperity, "are very present" in community policy.

"The courteous does not take away the brave," added González-Barba. “As for the Three Wise Men, the Spanish embassies in the countries on his secret route will be instructed to allow them to pass.”

Phew! That’s a relief!


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