Pharmacists in Palma.

Pharmacists in Palma. archive photo.

07-12-2020Gemma Andreu

Anyone who tests positive for Covid-19 via a self-test kit from a pharmacy must take a PCR test to confirm the diagnosis,” according to Ana López Casero, Spokesperson for the General Council of Pharmaceutical Colleges”.

The first self-diagnostic antibody tests will be available from pharmacies within the next few days but only with a prescription.

The results always require the interpretation and intervention of a healthcare professional,” stressed Casero. "We have prepared an action guide for all Spanish pharmacists to make sure the test is dispensed properly and to resolve any doubts citizens may have.”

The General Council of Pharmacists' Colleges has also offered the Ministry of Health the power "the power to develop an action protocol to support and collaborate with health authorities in the proper control and monitoring of the data.”


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