MSC Grandiosa in Palma.

MSC Grandiosa in Palma. archive photo.

08-12-2020Ultima Hora

The 'Yes to Cruises' platform has asked to be on the Committee of Experts which was established by the Department of Economic Model, Tourism & Labour and includes representatives from the Economic and Tourism Sector.

Pimem pointed out at the weekend that there are no representatives from the ‘Yes to Cruises’ platform or the Employers' Association of Companies of Maritime Activities on the Committee.

This decision is wrong because they represent a key Sector within Tourism,” said the Pimem statement, which also called for the situation to be rectified and that the ‘Yes to Cruises’ platform and Apeam be included in future Tourism debates.

Pimem also pointed out that the strategy to address the future of the region's tourism will be decided by the Committee of Experts and insisted that "the Platform can play an important, constructive role in promoting the Balearic Islands as a safe and quality destination."


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Pedro / Hace 12 months

Only if the ships are made to hook-up to electricity and not run diesel engines when docked. If Palma cannot provide this facility then no more cruise ships please.


Roger / Hace 12 months

@Lisa and @John....sadly the current government and its various representative bodies have no real intention of trying to reposition and improve Balearic tourism (they say they do but the reality is patently different)....they will accept anyone with any type of money who will accept it....and if they get high numbers next year or the year after (in spite of all the consequential problems that will engender) they will say they have done great job..sad but true...and always remember that politicians work on their popularity first and intellect thereafter!!


Jeremy / Hace 12 months

There are lots of mixed messages. “ Mallorca is safe” is being used to attract tourists, but at the same time the thing that will keep it safe is inbound testing which they wish to abolish. I can see the issue. I have just paid £120 each of COVID tests on Xmas eve to travel, if you can’t deny that is what ( eventually ) will make it a safe destination.

There are no entry restrictions from the mainland and at present Spain is anything but safe ( the uk isnt either ).

The only way I can see to make it “safe” is rigerous inbound testing. They then need to cooperate with airlines to make the tests cheap and simple for all passengers or people just won’t come


Burjor / Hace 12 months

This is ridiculous. Who can even stand up and seriously say "yes to cruises" should have s platform on a committee of experts. Now is the time to stand against cruise ships and their dreadful impact on the island and Palma.


JohnG / Hace 12 months

The Majorcan Government will be now revving up to increase taxes to try and recover losses?


Local / Hace 12 months

I remember the smell of fuel when I lived near the Palma port... People from cruises do not go to Palma anymore usually, they are taken with buses to other spots so they are not economically that important. Cruises are dirty, they burnt he dirtiest fuel there is, and we don't need them.


John Jones / Hace 12 months

The cruise ships are a disaster for Majorca. They bring nothing but pollution tens of thousands of tourists who spend nothing and crowd the streets. Total waste of the superb and historic venue that is Majorca


Lisa / Hace 12 months

So that’s a ‘No to eco-tourism’ on the island then.

So much for developing a new cleaner and more upmarket approach to The Mallorcan Tourist Model.

Sad :(