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An appeal filed by the Government, the Balearic Business Federation of Transport and taxi employers to stop uber-type licences being issued in the Balearic Islands has been thrown out of court.

It means that Alsa-Irisbus and Inversiones Andalucía 2014 SL will be granted 225 VTC licences for the Balearics Islands and no more appeals can be filed, so the sentence is firm and mandatory.

There are currently 16 companies operating in the Balearic Islands, with a total of 211 VTC licenses; 155 in Mallorca, 50 in Ibiza and 6 in Minorca.


FEBT manager Salvador Servera said he was surprised and concerned about the Court's decision.

”We are in a very delicate situation because of the coronavirus pandemic and we will have to see how these new licences affect VTC, taxis and minibuses," he said. "We will also analyse what happened in depth, because it will mean doubling the number of licences in a Sector which is inoperative because of the pandemic.

This news is a huge blow and we will have to make sure that the new licensees meet all the regional requirements,” said CAEB President Antoni Bauzá. "The new licensees will be able to operate in all of the Balearic Islands which is something that doesn’t happen now, so there will be more competition and the new companies will break the market."

The President of the Autonomous Taxi Association of Mallorca, Biel Moragues, was much more critical.

It’s a disaster and will have a negative impact on our Sector by increasing competition in a situation of inoperability, so we will be monitoring the whole process,” he said.

"We will abide by the court ruling, we have no choice,” said the Director General of Mobility & Land Transport, Jaume Mateu. "We will be extra vigilant and very scrupulous to make sure companies that submit specifications meet all of the requirements."


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Matt / Hace 9 months

Finally I hope to start to pay a bit less for a trip Bendinat - Airport, 13 minutes drive, 34 Euros. And also stop seeing myself ignored at night , just because I don’t have the looks of a blonde tourist that taxis have the hope to drive on the other side of the island. I understand they work only 8 months, but loyal customers also need some respect. Besides , the whole system needs a change into efficiency and modernisation. I hate how Uber destroys the markets and worker rights , but a bit of Uber , is some cases, is needed.


Peter / Hace 9 months

The taxi companies in Majorca deserve what they get. They are incredibly this honest and always overcharge any chance they get. They operate with impunity given their Monopoly. This would finally provide some honesty and oversight to the industry.


Colin Thompson / Hace 9 months

Great news, I was charged 45Euros Santa Ponsa to Airport, my wife and daughter were charged 62euros for the same trip, a 25min journey ??


Zoe / Hace 9 months

Same arguments which was enforced by Black Cabs in London! Taxi cabs union was too powerful and did not want any competition. Well they lost and Uber was back in business in London but my real hope is that Uber will act responsibly, pay their drivers holiday pay ( there is a case in UK Tribunals arguing the drivers are worker and nit self employed). Competition is good in any field, it makes a service to strive to be better and good value.


Mark Badoer / Hace 9 months

Excellent news. I always use Über where ever I can. Taxis are way too expensive and are like mafia, not allowing competition. I have no idea why the Government is involved in this. Just shows you how much lobby influence the taxi world has.


Freddie / Hace 9 months

Also thought it was so un eco - that a Palma airport taxi cab - drives to eg. Magaluf, but they have to do the return journey empty !!! Filling the motorway with cars, ignoring tourists standing at a rank with luggage - no doubt wishing to return to the airport.

Bonkers in my opinion. Looking forward to the taxi unions modernising.