Designated government hotels for travellers from 'risk countries' in UK

Travellers arrive at Heathrow Airport in London, Britain, 05 February 2021. The UK government is set to implement stricter measures for travellers arriving at Heathrow from Monday 15 February 2021.

05-02-2021ANDY RAIN

Britain's strict travel measures could stay in place until the government can be sure that vaccines work against new variants of the coronavirus, or booster shots have been given later this year, health minister Matt Hancock said on Tuesday.

That would deal a further blow to stricken airlines and travel companies, which are counting on a travel recovery this summer to help them survive after months without revenues due to lockdown holiday bans.

Asked how long new border measures would be in place, Hancock said that more information was needed on the success of the vaccines.

"And if that isn't forthcoming, we will need to vaccinate with a further booster jab in the autumn, on which we are working with the vaccine industry. These are the uncertainties within which we are operating," he said.


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Steve, Son Maties / Hace 12 months

Britain is getting it exactly right. All countries should be doing exactly the same, but now we see how Spain is not in the same catagory as Britain in so many aspects. Spain is more in-tune with Greece in reality...


Yogi / Hace 12 months

Britain is ahead of the field in vaccination numbers. If they are saying that restrictions might not ease up until the autumn, what does that imply for other countries who are further behind in vaccinations? What a mess 2021 is beginning to look like. I hope Sanchez and Armengol have a plan B, C,D...Z up their sleeves.


David / Hace 12 months

When will this madness end. I’m all for sensible restrictions but a test on or after day -3 before departure, then on day 2 after arrival, then again on day 5 for the test to release scheme then again on day 8 after you’ve been released is a little overkill... and will certainly kill the airlines / travel industry / mental health of millions


Steve / Hace 12 months

Lisa, you sound like a bitter person who is concerned about your tourism related income and nothing else. The UK is doing exactly what it should have done first time around. China, S Korea, Singapore, Australia and NZ all have tougher restrictions and guess what? Tgey are virtually Covid free. Stop being so selfish.


Majorca fan / Hace 12 months

Lisa, Spain has rightly closed its border to Portugal until March. This is no different to English action.. except we are not in an open border treaty except for Ireland who have rights in the travel agreement post Ireland independence. Scotland has imposed restrictions stricter than the new English announcement.looks like the are more hermit like than the English. The virus situation is still very volatile and fluid this not time to become complacent.


Lisa / Hace 12 months

It appears the UK isn’t satisfied with Brexit, they are determined to cut the UK off from the rest of the world. Sounds like a prison? No wonder the Scots want to jump ship ....