Alba Brunet.

Alba Brunet.

12-02-2021Ultima Hora

Mallorcan actress Alba Brunet has been very busy, despite the coronavirus pandemic and several projects that she’s been working on will premiere in the coming months.

"I will reap the benefits from what I have sown,” she says.

One of her most important projects is Operation Mincemeat’ by John Madden, who directed films like the Oscar-winner ‘Shakespeare in Love’ and ‘The Sloane Case’ starring Jessica Chastain.

Alba shares the screen with fellow Mallorcan Pep Tosar; Oscar winner Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen who’s best known for his roles in ‘Pride & Prejudice’ and ‘Anna Karenina’.

"On March 8, 2020, a week before confinement, I was shooting some scenes for the Madden film. I didn't work with Colin Firth, but I did some scenes with Tosar,” she says. “I play the Secretary of the Spanish embassy, my role is small but ​​it’s important because I give information to certain characters.”


“Madden is a charming being, very close and very easy to deal with,” says Alba. “I had a great time with this project, it was a very rewarding process and one of the best experiences I have ever had.”

She was cast for Operation Mincemeat in Madrid and had to travel to London for costume fitting and rehearsals and also filmed some scenes at Malaga City Hall.

Alba appears in one of the second season episodes of The Mallorca Files. Detectives Miranda Blake (Elen Rhys) and Max Winter (Julian Looman) have to solve a new case involving Alba and a murder.

She’s also cast in Paraíso' by Fernando González Molina, who’s directed ‘Ofrenda de la Tormenta’ and ‘Palmeras en la Nieve’ starring Macarena García.

"It's a mix of the miniseries 'The Alcàsser Case with touches reminiscent of ‘Stranger Things’ and the action takes place in an invented town in Valencia,” says Alba.

In January, February and March I was working on ‘The Mallorca Files’, ‘Operation Mincemeat’ and ‘Paraíso so I often woke up and didn’t know if I was here in Mallorca with my family or in Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona, ​​where I also live,” she recalls. “I was exhausted and the first 15 days of confinement were like a respite for me and my body was thankful, although I am aware that I am privileged to be working and I am also very grateful.”

Alba has a long list of other projects on the go.

She’s in ‘Pep’ which premieres its second series on IB3 on February 22.

For the last four years she’s played Leonor in TVE's Acacias 38.

"For me it was like a master's degree and I learned a lot,” she says. “I hope my character can say goodbye properly.”

Alba stars in the short film 'Andy and the Others' by Cintia Ballbé, which is a story about polyamory and is expected to premiere at the Malaga Film Festival.

As if all that isn’t enough to keep her busy, she’s involved in the 'Contiguo' web series, which is also by Cintia Ballbé and is about the forced coexistence of four neighbours during confinement. It features Enric Cambray, Júlia Bonjoch, Alejo Levis, Alba Ribas, Jon Arias and Pep Ambròs.


Alba Brunet is still really keen to tread the boards, especially in Mallorca.

I really want to exploit my role as an actress in the theatre, here at home in Mallorca and in Barcelona and Madrid.


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