Spain's health minister, Carolina Darias

Spain's health minister, Carolina Darias.

29-03-2021Europa Press

Spain's health minister, Carolina Darias, acknowledged on Monday that a relaxation of measures at Christmas was not the "most appropriate" decision because it led to an increase in infections.

"Saving Christmas was not the most appropriate decision. Our shared objective is therefore now not to save holiday weeks but to save lives. The agreement with regions regarding the San José holidays and Easter is the fruit of lessons that were learned."

The minister warned that there is increased transmission once again, pointing to a relaxation of measures two weeks ago. Because of this and despite "society's natural fatigue", she asked for care to be taken. "The end of the road can be seen."

She hoped that the rise in number of cases was "not very high", especially after Easter. "We are seeing an increase. It is whether this will lead to a fourth wave and in what terms, taking into account that we have a significant number of immunised people, either through vaccination or natural immunisation because they have had the disease."

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jen / Hace 10 months

'Not the best decision'? Why then open up to Germany when their infection rate is higher than your own. You also allowed them in for a week with no check whatsoever. You have not learned any lesson.


William / Hace 10 months

So letting people move about over Christmas was bad and caused a breakout of covid and lessons were learned, that’s why letting 40 000 people fly in over Easter is OK and nothing will happen. Does she really think that the relaxing of lockdown and the residents becoming complacent is why the number of infections is rising? Please don’t insult our intelligence.