Palma, Mallorca.

Palma, Mallorca. archive photo.

24-04-2021Ultima Hora

Mallorca faces stiff competition this summer as more countries open to British tourists more bargains are on offer to entice holidaymakers.

Turkey has just lifted its ban on British tourists and announced that they won’t have to show a vaccination certificate on arrival, but they will have to submit a negative PCR test on entry and on return to the UK.

Bulgaria has also said it's ready to welcome back British tourists.

Bookings for the Greek Islands, Turkey and Portugal have increased dramatically in the last couple of weeks and people are opting for longer trips and taking their laptops with them so they can work while they’re on holiday.

Downing Street says everything is on track for the ban international travel to be lifted on May 17, but the important question is which countries will be on the coveted 'Green' List.

Mallorca has hundreds of loyal tourists who come back to the Island year after year to soak up the sun on the Island's beautiful beaches.


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Lisa / Hace 9 months

But Mallorca hasn’t attempted to vaccinate its citizens.

So, opening up will put people at risk ... and an outbreak of Covid and subsequent island closure could happen at any time.

The Greek’s are clever - they prioritised vaccinating their tourist islands.

Mallorca has done nothing. We will not be on the green list. It is the government’s fault.


Steve, Son Maties / Hace 9 months

Mallorca can't compete with anyone this year, as with our abismally low porcentaje (6%) of the island's population vaccinated, it won't be a popular option for British tourists until next year. We'll need at least 50% vaccinated before getting on the Green list, and that won't happen in time this year ....


Andy / Hace 9 months

Face facts. Mallorca is toast this summer. I for one will never forget tge tourists go home brigade just a couple of years ago. We remember and will take our dosh elsewhere.