PCR Test in Palma.

PCR Test in Palma. archive photo.

08-12-2020M. À. Cañellas

The extortionate cost of PCR tests has forced a lot of British tourists to think twice about where they go on holiday this year.

The good new is, customers who book with Travel Network Group travel agents can now get a PCR test for £44.90 through Eurofins Covid Testing Services Ltd and the sample kits and prepaid envelopes will be sent to customers via Royal Mail Special Delivery.

TTNG has also partnered with Randox Health and members’ customers can get PCR tests for £60 with a special code. The home-test kits are returned to Randox laboratories via delivery drop box the next day and the results are received 12-24 hours after the kits reach the labs.

Travel Network Group members can also offer customers day 2 and day 8 PCRs for £120.

All travellers arriving in the UK must have at least two PCR tests from May 17.

Arrivals from ‘Green’ List destinations must take a pre-departure PCR test before they return to the UK and another test on day two.

Those arriving from ‘Amber’ List destinations must have a pre-departure PCR test, a second on day 2 in the UK, a third test on day 8 and quarantine at home for 10 days.

Those arriving from ‘Red’ List destinations must take a pre-departure PCR test, a second on day 2 in the UK, a third test on day 8 and quarantine at a Government approved hotel for 10 days.

Details of which countries are on which lists will be revealed in May, but they could still slide in and out of different categories as their epidemiological situation changes.

“When the Government announced the ‘traffic light’ system we identified the cost of testing as a major barrier to travel for many people,” said Gary Lewis, The Travel Network Group Chief Executive. “When customers book a holiday, they’ll have no way of knowing what category their destination will be in by the time they travel, so they run the risk of having to pay for multiple tests or quarantining on their return to the UK.

The cheaper tests are good news for the Balearic Tourism Sector and could mean a lot more tourists will come to Mallorca this summer.


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John P / Hace 9 months

It doesn't matter if tests are cheaper, it's still too much hasle for people with current legislation. ie- test before you go, one before you return and one 2 days after you return????


John Law / Hace 9 months

Thank God for the UK Green list, which Spain will not be on, to save us from the skyrocketing of new cases if our "government" had got its own way. Get us all vaccinated here, and we'll welcome the tourists back for summer 2022...