Hotel management team & Hugh Elliot, British Ambassador to Spain.

Hotel management team & Hugh Elliot, British Ambassador to Spain.

30-04-2021Ultima Hora

The Hotel Business Federation of Mallorca, or FEHM has criticised the Central Government's decision to extend travel restrictions from the UK to Spain until May 31.

The British Government will lift its ban on International travel to Spain on May 17.

A hotelier who held a meeting with Ambassador Hugh Elliott at the FEHM headquarters yesterday, said the Government "must correct the extension."

During a meeting with Ambassador Elliott, the hotelier took the opportunity to inform him of all the health and security measures adopted on the island.

Hoteliers have expressed their desire for the Balearics to receive different treatment than the Peninsula because the Islands have a better health situation.


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Steve, Son Maties / Hace 9 months

@Brett Dennis. Spain is not "being difficult" letting Brits in, where did you read that ? Spain is pleading for Brits to come, in spite if us not being vaccinated, and our contagion rates not improvimg, which is ridiculous and suicidal for our economy. Thanks to the UK's criteria for their Green list tbey won't be coming this summer...


Lewis Kearney / Hace 9 months

It's not just the UK like this article presents, it's all the 160 odd 3rd countries. Last year the EU banned non-essential entry by 3rd countries. We then chose to become a 3rd country and so this ban applies. The EU member states are still allowed to travel freely between each other. We chose this


Brett Dennis / Hace 9 months

They let the Germans in over Easter, the Brits are mostly vaccinated so why are they being difficult now letting THEM in? If this is a sign of Spain being difficult over Brexit, it doesn't bode well.


Joan / Hace 9 months

There's a very good reason for the UK's position of course, but it doesn't fit the hoteliers agenda. Less than 10% of us vaccinated, and the 70 or so new daily cases are not reducing, but the hoteliers are only concerned for themselves.


John Law / Hace 9 months

With 65 to 75 new cases every day, and less than 10% having had two doses, we're hardly in a position to receive any tourists for some time yet. Of course the Hoteliers Federation aren't concerned about the island's population as usual.


Duncan / Hace 9 months

As I see it we won't be travelling over to Mayorca on the 18th of May. Even tho the UK have a vaccination roll out with most over the fifties on their second injection. Looks like Spain and the islands will lose out this year.