Magalluf, Mallorca.

Magalluf, Mallorca.

10-05-2021Paula Berga

The UK Government’s decision not to include the Balearic Islands on its ‘Green’ list of quarantine-free countries is a huge blow to hoteliers in Mallorca.

More than 100 small, medium and large chains on the Island that were due to open in May will now remain closed "until all uncertainties are resolved."

“The intransigent stance of the Foreign Office has caused a lot of uncertainty and paralysed the entire opening schedule of hotels that focus on the British market,” said hoteliers.

Government Spokesperson and Tourism Minister, Iago Negueruela has emphasised the need to keep infection low so that Mallorca and the other Islands can be added to the ‘Green’ list as soon as possible.

"We hope that the United Kingdom will decide by region next time, as demanded by the Balearic Government and we will be in a situation where we can open for the tourist season.”


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alex / Hace 9 months

I wonder if whatisface named in the article is on the same planet as the rest of Spain and esp. the Spanish government. a) we are not allowed into Spain, esp out of the airport by the Spanish police until who knows when. b) if you don't decide soon to let the Brits in, they will be booking anywhere including Ashkelon, Israel. In the UK, you actually book your holidays more than two weeks in advance.


marti / Hace 9 months

You don’t demand anything from us


Rhubarb / Hace 9 months

Actually the current situation is that the British government are allowing Brits to go to Spain from 17 May, but Spain is not letting them in.