People wearing masks, London.

People wearing masks, London.

02-03-2021Reuters/Henry Nicholls

Brits won’t have to wear face masks in shops or keep their distance from others after June 21, according to the Sun newspaper.

“The current thinking points to social distancing going and masks only being worn on buses, trains and the Tube,” said a spokesperson. “Obviously this is all depends on a final sign-off but the data is looking good and the political will is there for a proper lift-off.”

Clubbers and festival lovers will be ecstatic if the restrictions on meetings indoors are lifted on Monday, they're champing at the bit to get summer events underway.

UK Government scientists are reportedly on board with the easing of restrictions as virus rates plummet and vaccinations soar.


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Amber Jones / Hace 8 months

If anything countries with forced adoptions have done the worst internationally - just look at India (where even driving alone you were expected to mask up). They certainly haven't helped in Spain.

Problem is politicians will need to admit they were wrong - and they'd prefer people suffer and another tourist season is lost than lose face!


Leo / Hace 8 months

Mallorca cannot enforce the mask law now, and certain tourists do not wear them. The police seem to ignore them, I have seen tourists threatening staff for trying to enforce the law on patios.


Peter / Hace 8 months

Mallorca might be next, but it won't be any time soon, you can hardly compare Spain's situation with that of the UK..