Covid-19 Vaccine.

Covid-19 Vaccine. recent photo.


The Indian Covid variant is 50% more infectious than the UK strain and cases are multiplying so fast that the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, or SAGE is warning that it could cause thousands of deaths by summer.

Infections have doubled in seven days and at least four people have died from the Indian variant.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is sending the Army into hotspots in England to assist with mass testing and is also bringing forward second vaccine doses to protect vulnerable groups and those over 50.

The Indian Covid variant has been detected in several regions of Spain, including the Canary Islands, but not the Balearics, but it’s probably only a matter of time before the Indian it's found in Mallorca.

At the moment, people have to wait between a month and three months for their second jab, but surely the authorities should be bringing forward second doses to make sure people are protected.


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YES..they should ACT NOW....they shoudl'nt get COMPLACENT...!!! and thats ALL the Baleric Islands NOT jus in Mallorca....


Majorca fan / Hace 8 months

I think it would be a good idea to protect Majorca as no one else will do it. Spain’s government did not ensure Majorca’s vaccine supply now welcoming all comers to the island as the India so called variant ramps away. The U.K. is concerned over this variant due to its ability to infect, the likelihood of major infection is unlikely due to U.K.s high rates of vaccination. Majorca and most of Europe have not got that buffer. The U.K. has identified the variant in the U.K. due to our high level of screening the variant will be in Europe to but not yet identified. The out break in U.K. is prevalent in areas with population with sub continent links and after Ramadan this was alway going to happen.