Plane taking off from Heathrow Airport.

Plane taking off from Heathrow Airport.

21-03-2021Reuters/Toby Melville

54,000 Brits are jetting off to the sun every day and the number of flights from the UK to Spain, Greece and Italy will soar by 200% in the next three days.

300,000 British tourists are travelling to ‘Amber’ destinations by the weekend and 16,000 of them are coming to Spain, according to the Telegraph.

Mixed messages from the British Government are causing chaos. Some MPs insist that the whole point of having a ‘traffic light’ system is that people can choose where to go as long as they abide by the ‘Green’, ‘Amber’ or ’Red' travel restrictions. But Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is telling the British public they should only go to ‘Amber’ countries in extreme circumstances.

Around 5 million British tourists have already booked to go to ‘Amber’ destinations over the summer.


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Alex Dubuisson / Hace 8 months

At the start of May I called Melia hotels to change my bookings to September, but they encouraged me to come to Mallorca and Menorca stating that all I needed was a PCR test and health form etc. Even the head of the head of Balearics tourism (Rosa Ana Maria Gonzalez) in the press recently said that “we’re safe and ready for Britons”. I am supposed to fly to Menorca on 28 May from London and I am a U.K. resident, but a Dutch/EU passport holder and don’t know what to do now.


William / Hace 8 months

We flew 20th May with Easyjet from MAN. Of the 30 pax on board, 20 were refused entry and sent straight back to MAN on the same aircraft., including my wife and I. I believed I had done all the correct research and form filling, we had the Spanish government QR code, we had negative PCRs, but because we we only tourists, we were refused entry. This needs publicising to clarify to other potential tourists from the UK who would be keen to enjoy Mallorca, but whom the Mallorca authorities are refusing.


Sara O. / Hace 8 months

There’s an article in today’s Guardian about the possible need to show at the border a “carta de invitación” if you are planning to come and stay with family or friends residing in Spain rather than staying in a hotel or rented accommodation and that the host can acquire one of these from the Spanish National police at a cost of €74. Perhaps someone from the Bulletin should check this out and inform readers. As a holder of a Spanish passport I shall be making enquiries as to whether something similar is required should I plan to visit friends in the UK.


Jiffy / Hace 8 months

I didn’t realise, coming from the Uk, we weren’t allowed to visit Spain but I’m confused… I checked if any Uk flights went to Mallorca today and 3 flights left London?? Were they all Mallorcan residents OR were they all turned away at Palma airport????


Tom Anderson / Hace 8 months

I’m just not hearing of mass turnarounds at the border or departure airport which would be all over the news by now with 20 or so flights to Spain each day this week. They’re obviously not full of returning residents so Spain must be letting them in.


Tim / Hace 8 months

Mixed messages from Madrid. Tourism minister says tourists can come from 20th. No confirmation from Government.


john / Hace 8 months

This is the problem with mixed messages everyone receiving. As soon as they said Spain was on the AMBER list. Alot of people thought,oh yeh,we can go but quarantine at home when we return. They don't even bother to check if Spain will allow them in ( which at this moment they are not unless your a resident) also FCO are still advising against travel to amber list countries so then you've got to check your insurance and pray your covered. If this information was made clear, nobody would book to amber countries.


Julie Smith / Hace 8 months

I had a flight booked for friday but as on this website, you'd mentioned that Spain weren't accepting non EU visitors, I phoned Easyjet and re-scheduled the flight to next year. So I'm flabbergasted that so many flights are taking place and even my flight on friday is. Never mind our government getting things all wrong, what about the Spanish government? What is the rule for non EU Passengers??