Sant Agustí, Mallorca.

Sant Agustí, Mallorca.

20-05-2021Joana Pons Riu

Tens of thousands of Brits are heading for the sunshine in Mallorca and other Spanish hotspots today, despite the fact that Spain still on the ‘Amber’ list.

There was a huge surge in demand for flights and holidays after the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez announced that British citizens who are fully vaccinated won’t have to submit a negative PCR test on arrival.

Easyjet, Ryanair, Vueling and TUI bringing around 16,000 tourists to Spain this week, with flights to Mallorca, Ibiza, Barcelona, Malaga, Madrid and Lanzarote.

After a week or two in the Mallorcan sunshine British tourists will be heading for 10 days quarantine in the UK and have to take a PCR test on day 2 and day 5.


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Tony / Hace 8 months

Please no. Why is the Balearics community on the whole accepting the aggressive push by the mass tourism companies to open so carelessly - without proper testing even? It is irresponsible and a clear example of Wealth over Health. They constantly chant about tourism being the only industry here - which is absolutely not true. Mass tourism has proven to be onerous, extremely detrimental to the environment, and extremely uncomfortable for all of the tax-paying residents. We do not have to accept mass tourism profiteering over our health and peaceful life here. Please stay home all you “tens of thousands” - why does the MDB think this is a good thing?


Frances Cassidy / Hace 8 months

I wonder if these tourists have checked their travel insurance. As the FCDO have advised against all but essential travel to Spain including the Balearics. Apparently this invalidates travel insurance if the purpose of your visit is for a holiday. Could turn out to be very expensive.


Peter / Hace 8 months

British airlines are actually cancelling hundreds of flights to Spain/Mallorca at the moment, so I'm not sure what this headline is about. @Carly, - it's irrellavent whether visitors are vaccinated or not, we're only at 17% vaccinated here, so we're far from safe from the soaring of our contagion rates. Another lockdown here would be ruinous on our long-term economy, and there would be anarchy on the streets as many locals have alreadt written that they'll refuse to be restricted again for the fault of the government. We shouldn't have visitors here until we're all vaccinated, it's as easy as that....


JImbo / Hace 8 months

We now have tourists arriving from the UK with no PCR and according to the UK government an increasing number of cases of the Indian variant. Today I have walked from Magaluf, Palmanova and was pleased to see a number of British tourists, however I was not pleased to see no masks. On politely advising them I was greeted "What's it got to do with You" or more explicitly ".... Off" Wonderful so we now have potentially virus carrying ignorant, abusive plebs on the island. Is this really what we need?


Maggie Sheldon / Hace 8 months

This is good news, the island certainly needs help - the health situation is turning into a very real financial crisis - Not that the selfish lockdowners would care, but more and more children are going hungry and more families facing a bleak future - without the summer, hope is lost.


Nigel / Hace 8 months

Can someone tell me if these vaccinated brits are allowed to bring their unvaccinated children with them? If so how do we stop them bringing the virus in.


James w / Hace 8 months

When we stop testing this will all go away like a bad dream. But until then we will carry on living this nightmare.


Tom Anderson / Hace 8 months

On the way home - not forgetting the additional lateral flow (cheaper) or similar test you have to do to be “fit to fly” before leaving for the airport. So it’s an over-the-top three tests you have to do to return to the UK at the moment and a fourth (day 5) if you want to be released from quarantine early. Britain now very out of step to the attitude being taken elsewhere.


Carly / Hace 8 months

Vaccinated or not? That is the question!!


tom / Hace 8 months

Suggest these tourists visit the cruise ship lying in Palma Bay this morning not allowed to dock as some crew have Covid 19.

would be a good reality check ! that the pandemic is far from over and that ignoring it, and opening the flood gates with minimal to no checks will only result in Covid numbers going back up within months.