The end of the mask.

The end of the mask.

17-06-2021Fernando Alvarado

Spain will lift a blanket obligation to wear masks outdoors from June 26, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said this morning.

Spain's announcement follows a decision in neighbouring France to end the mandatory wearing of masks outdoors as infection rates fall, although concerns remain over the spread of the Delta variant.

"This weekend will be the last one with masks in outdoor spaces because the next weekend we will no longer wear them," Sanchez told an event in Barcelona.
He said the cabinet will meet on June 24 to approve the lifting of the mask-wearing rule from June 26.

Barring a few exceptions such as for exercising, mask wearing has been a legal requirement indoors and out across most of Spain, regardless of social-distancing, since last summer, for everybody older than six.

However, with infections dwindling and nearly half the population having received at one vaccine dose - including more than 90% of people over 50 - some regional authorities have been clamouring to ease the rule.

The nationwide infection rate as measured over the preceding 14 days fell to 96.6 cases per 100,000 people on Thursday, down from over 150 cases a month ago, while pressure on the health system has eased significantly since the beginning of the year.

Spain's 17 regions are largely responsible for managing healthcare, but major policy shifts must be proposed by the central government, in a system that frequently generates tension between administrations.

Last week the government was forced to backtrack on a plan to gradually reopen nightclubs after widespread complaints from regional authorities who dismissed it as either too strict or too loose.


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James w / Hace 7 months

Britain has bigger problems than Covid, when they actually decide to stop sh#tting themselves over a flu virus that will forever have variants. Then they might actually moved forward and tackle some serious issues. Britain is a mess!


Burgundy Blue / Hace 7 months

Well said, Mike R.

He calls himself Franco, and then expects Mallorquins to agree with him? Glad he is staying in England. Wouldnt want his village to lose the best idiot they've had in generations.


Mike R / Hace 7 months

Franco, believe me, we're all mightily relieved that you are in the UK too, and not here.

Please stay there.


johnb / Hace 7 months

It's not all great Franco. Spain - current daily total getting covid 3,300....UK - 9,000. Total deaths Spain - 80,000.. UK - 127,000.. Spain slow with vaccination, dealing with the same variant. UK keep leaving the door open and welcoming new ones. Not all Rosey.


Franco / Hace 7 months

Very glad I was able to get permanent residency in Global Britain. The Covid restrictions are not a great problem and the vaccination roll out quite amazing, medical staf, the army and thousands of volunteers is the secret to how the UK carried out 880,000 vaccinations in one single day, frankly amazed and similar figures on a continuing basis. Now all adults 18+ can be vaccinated immediately. The same cooperation and sense of public duty simply does not exist in Spain. Thank goodness I am In UK.


Stephen / Hace 7 months

Some very deluded expats living in Majorca I see. Even though I am a property owner in Majorca very glad we are staying in UK this year well away from barely inoculated Majorca. Also note that many of the islands crime and social problems coming to the surface no there is not the distraction of tourists. That combined with socialist governments will finish Majorca off economically, just look at the flood of UK property hitting the market at reduced prices.


Nigel / Hace 7 months

Since they wear masks in China, and the ports of S China have ships with half a million empty containers at anchor waiting to berth, but due to the virus the workforce is sick, and unable to work, work in the ports has ground to a standstill so the empties can not be filled, and exports held up. wearing a mask does not seem the protection we are led to believe!


Sara O. / Hace 7 months

Jimbo: more likely to be pollen allergies. It’s that time of year and I’m one that suffers them. I’ll continue to wear a mask until the pollen season is over as I’m sure my sneezing and occasional coughing will not be welcomed by those near me if I go maskless. A mask also helps to keep the pollen away from my nose! But for everyone else there’s no reason why not at this stage.


James w / Hace 7 months

Finally some common sense and positivity. It's nice to see Spain believing the vaccine works and the constant fear mongering isn't helpful at all. The negativity coming from the UK is awful to watch and read they have scared the life out of most of there population and continuing to do so. They tell everybody to get vaccinated but don't believe in the vaccine and keep restrictions in place. Thank the lord I don't live there anymore. Its divided and depressed and has no identity as a nation. Sorry times sad thing is I don't see it getting any better.


John / Hace 7 months

First positive step back to normality. Everybody it's time to start moving forward now.