21-06-2021MDB files

Boris Johnson has given new hope for the revival of foreign holidays after he confirmed that 19 July is still 'looking good' to be terminus point for restrictions in England.

But he said that the Delta variant cases are still rising and the priority is to keep more variants out of the UK


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PAUL UNDERWOOD / Hace 7 months

All they talk about is holidays what going to see family and freinds thats not classed as holiday and whats the point of having two jabs if you still cant go anywhere


johnb / Hace 7 months

I must have been reading the wrong story? He clearly was positive about raising restrictions in the UK on the 19th July. Negative about raising hopes for foreign travel.


Mark Badoer / Hace 7 months

How many times have we heard this same old story now. Since March? Early April? Wake us up when you actually know.