Willi Verhuven, Alltours President in Palma.

Willi Verhuven, Alltours President in Palma.

01-07-2021Ultima Hora

German tourist groups, including TUI and Alltours, have expressed deep concern over the increase in Covid infections in the Balearic Islands in the last ten days.

"For months, the cumulative incidence rate per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days in Mallorca has been below the permitted levels, but now we’re on the edge of the precipice again,” said Alltours President, Willi Verhuven on Thursday. “These incidents are damaging the island's image and economy and unfortunately the Authorities are making the same mistakes as they did last year."

Verhuven is urging the Balearic Government to adopt forceful measures to prohibit drunken tourism during the 2021 season, implement stricter police controls and more severe penalties."

The Tourism Activities Association, Abactur, which is chaired by Roberto Darias agreed, saying “We are asking the Government to take measures, because the season and the future of companies and workers are at stake.”


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Tom / Hace 7 months

Seems everyone has forgotten when in Jan 2021 PM Sanchez stated very clearly that tourism can only restart safely when 70 percent of the Spanish population is fully ! Vaccinated ! . Spain is no where near 40 percent currently . So Sanchez needs to step down for the disaster He and his Government have allowed with Armengol to create by being too eager too soon For economic greed ! or is the Balearics a government medical experiment to see what happens with Covid and current testing levels and mixing of people from everywhere with various levels of vaccination , no restrictions no crowd control etc etc . Bet the Germans will pull the handbrake on Mallorca before the Brits have the guts to put it back to Amber based on current Covid numbers and WhO guidelines .


Brett Dennis / Hace 7 months

Well have a look at your own people Mr Verhuven. Here in Port Andratx we have seen many Germans flouting the mask and distance laws even when it was mandatory. You cannot expect local authority to tackle tourist irresponsibility en masse.


Tom / Hace 7 months

Tour operators can ask the Government for anything, but the government here only cares about money and will put money and greed before public health as its typical for politicians here.

At a minimum some restrictions for public health and safety should be reintroduced.


johnc / Hace 7 months

The concern that the German tour operators had was to keep pushing the Mallorca government to open up tourism when it was clear,we weren't ready. Now they dump hundreds of thousands of tourists here on a barely vaccinated island,and then complain because infections are rising! The arrogance is unbelievable.


Stan. / Hace 7 months

Thousands of Germans have already saturated Mallorca. Even more went to Wembley. Viruses Covid 19 and the Indian Delta virus have spread rapidly. I feel Germany needs to action more controls.