Police outside the Bellver Hotel, Palma.

Police outside the Bellver Hotel, Palma.

01-07-2021Teresa Ayuga

The Government’s handling of the huge outbreak of coronavirus infections amongst students on holiday in Mallorca has led to a series of clashes with security forces and the judiciary.

The clashes began when the Government instructed the National Police and Guardia Civil to quarantine the students in the Covid Hotel.

The students did not want to go and the situation was extremely tense so the Guardia Civil demanded a written resolution to forcibly take them to the Covid Hotel.

The court received the request on Saturday night, but both the Prosecutor's Office and the judge decided that quarantining the students was not justified, because there was no clarification as to who had been in close contact with the infected students.

The Government was asked to provide more documentation, which it did, but the judiciary was still not satisfied.

Meanwhile, the student quarantine was causing more tensions with the National Police, who were also demanding clarity.

Friction erupted between the Government and Security Forces yet again on Thursday when the court ruled that the students who tested negative could leave the Covid Hotel.


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Tom / Hace 7 months

Desperate acts by a local government that has lost all control on the streets ! and over Covid.


yes2freedom / Hace 7 months

since when have the people given over full authority to the government and police ( both civil servants ), to take away children and hold them in detention without consent?.. this virus has given the government over the top authority and allowed them to rule with no rules, they Make it up as they go along. Regardless of what you may feel there must be a permanent handbrake put on the amount of governance the government have over our lives. It is becoming a police state without consent from the courts. This is over stepping their authority and sending direct messages to police from government buildings to arrest and detain citizens and children without the correct judicial procedures or consent from parents (totally illegal). If you think this is right, then you are participating in a Police State with no rules.


Leo / Hace 7 months

Hmmm, it's about time the judiciary and government sorted this uncertainty out. It leads to lack of confidence , the image they are showing now. Personally it is clear. A sharp control over large seemingly out of control meetings and parties. If they do not listen to reason they should be fined or shamed and put on probation with the threat of incarceration.