Francina Armengol, Balearic President.

Francina Armengol, Balearic President.


The Economist 'I Next Generation Conference' was inaugurated by Spain's deputy prime minister, Carmen Calvo, on Monday and President Francina Armengol gave her speech via video conference.

"European funds will allow the Community to form a new generation society with more public services and more rights," she said. “The arrival of these funds will allow the Balearic Islands to be more innovative, more competitive, have more and stronger economic sectors, be more respectful of the environment and even more sustainable. The Next Generation funds will make the Balearic Islands more modern, fairer and greener, with a better future for all.”

President Armengol also revealed that the Balearic Islands have created a Ministry and a strategic office, specifically to manage the funds and approved regulations to expedite procedures.

She stressed that the projects are in line with the Government’s commitment to tourism quality, economic diversification, strengthening public services and sustainability.

"We will do this by betting on our strengths and creating new ones," she said.

Tourism in Mallorca.

President Armengol pointed out that the Government is committed to quality over quantity in the field of tourism.

“Hotel businessmen are already turning their attention to this because they understand the challenges ahead,” she said.

There are also plans to make other Sectors, such as the Nautical Industry more competitive.

"The pandemic has taught us that everything we had in place in the Balearic Islands; the commitment to quality and better public services is the way forward," she said.


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GrahamB / Hace 7 months

Are these loans/grants repayable and if so, which tax will Armengol instigate to fulfil that ?


Rich / Hace 7 months

This woman is a cross of Joe Biden and Diane Abbott.


Von / Hace 7 months

My friend is waiting 9 months in a small town Selva for the administration to give her permission to renovate the roof. She cannot live in her only property and now she has been on the street for 9 months. "European funds will allow the Community to form a new generation society with more public services and more rights," Armengol said. "Does it mean that we will get building licenses within 30 days when they strengthen public services with new EU funds? Will my friend have a basic human right to live on her only property after the government gets more mobey from the EU?


David Robinson / Hace 7 months

Being in the European Union is a bless.


Colin Allcars / Hace 7 months

What a depressingly sad announcement from this person who has achieved a position WAY above her abilities.

Also, good luck promoting the nautical industry when your German and French masters have determined that Royal Yachting Association qualifications are no longer recognised.

That said, if driving licences are anything to go by, the French will accept British qualifications while demanding that everyone else rejects them.

How embarrassing it must be to be on the Z list of EU members instead of up there with the A listers of Germany and France.


Tom / Hace 7 months

Will be just more money being thrown at tourism ! Instead of coming up with new economic ideas and incentives ! Government here never learns and only thinks tourism will save the islands !


Roger / Hace 7 months

This is a joke....the government has been offered assistance and support for over a year to enable it to progress economically and the time it was stated that "yes we agree what is needed and we are in the process of getting it done", as if by magic, EU money will make things possible that are apparently not previously possible...many issues don't need money they need desire and other readers can draw their own conclusions