Boris Johnson announcing an end to restrictions

Boris Johnson on Monday.


Boris Johnson has confirmed that the wearing of masks will cease to be a legal requirement in England. The prime minister said on Monday that this requirement and social distancing rules will be scrapped at the final stage of the lockdown roadmap, due to become effective from July 19.

Johnson did offer a caveat by saying that there will be a review of the latest data on July 12. Nevertheless, it would appear that masks and distancing will go, as also will the rule of six inside homes and the guidance to work from home. Further information regarding travel, schools and procedures for isolating is to be given in the coming days.

The prime minister pointed to the success of the vaccination programme in observing: "If we don't go ahead now when we've clearly done so much with the vaccination programme to break the link, when would we go ahead?"

Even so, he added that new cases are predicted to rise to 50,000 a day later this month and that "we must reconcile ourselves, sadly, to more deaths from Covid".

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yo espero que nostro no hacemos a mismo..!!! eso sera un DESASTRE para NOSTROS aqui en IBIZA y TODO las Islas.....i hop WE don't do the same would be a DESASTER....not only for us here in IBIZA ..but for ALL the Islands...!!!


Daz / Hace 7 months

Well I don't know what to say, is it a good thing or not. For me I think the mask wearing should stay until at least all the youngins are vaccinated. I'm a taxi driver and watched our town, no social distancing happening especially Saturday when England was playing. Well I can confirm two bars have had to shut down due to all staff diagnosed with covid.

It's a vicious circle and I would hate to be the one making decisions on this vile desease.