Spain's President Pedro Sánchez

Spain's President Pedro Sánchez.

05-10-2021Raúl Caro

The Spanish government plans to grant 250 euros ($290.05) a month to young people on low incomes to help them pay their rent, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez said on Tuesday at an event in Seville.

The aim of the bonus is to help young people between 18 and 35 years old become independent and move out of their parents' homes, Sanchez said.

The new aid is part of a 2.25 billion housing budget.


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David / Hace 4 months

This sounds great but hardly a sustainable economic model. The reason young people are being priced out of property market in Majorca is high prices in comparison to earnings. The subsidising of poorly paid jobs by taxpayers money or in this case probably borrowing is a continuation of a low wage low skill economy that robs young people of better employment opportunities

This approach is close to state serfdom and no democratic nation can countenance this.